Calibration & Verification Services

Leveraging our process automation and industrial commissioning background, IAL initiated industrial calibration and verification services in mid-nineties to cater for its customer requirements. This was the time when organizations started embracing ISO standards and required a reliable and capable third party calibration services provider. IAL is undoubtedly the pioneer in this sector and was the first one to offer in-house as well as field calibration services traceable internationally.

What was started as a support services business has now become one of our major service offerings to the industry. Our services include in-lab as well as field calibration of all process and analytical instrumentation. All calibration is traceable to international verifiable sources and is done in accordance with international codes and standards.

We also offer testing and verification services as per ASME/API/ASTM codes for storage vessels, piping, structures, and industrial equipment.

Calibration Capability

Temperature Instruments
Temperature transmitter
Temperature controller
Temperature gauge & Thermometer
Temperature switch
Pressure Instruments
Differential Pressure gauge/Transmitter
Pressure transmitter
Pressure switch
Pressure safety valve
Low & High Power signal Instruments
Clamp Meter
Insulation Tester
Power Supply
Textile and Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Instrument
Glass Ware, pH Meter & Conductivity meter
Oven/Incubator / Furnace / Water baths
Viscosity meter & Humidity meter
Light box, Lux meter & Noise meter
Timer & Stop watch
Speed & Force Measuring Instruments
Length & dimension Measuring Instruments
Flow Meter / Torque tester
Mass (1mg to 20 kg)
Weighing Scale
Tank Volume
Tank Level
Tank Thickness